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2020 NMYFL Season Planning Update (4/28/19)

Planning for the 2020 NMYFL Fall youth football season has begun. If you are interested in playing this season please contact the league association that you attend school in for further registration information. All associations are busy planning the upcoming season and are opening registration at this time.

We are living in a different time right now with Covid-19, but we are confident that by the fall activities may return to normal. The NMYFL is committed to administering youth football for our member communities this fall and until we are able to proceed with further planning please stay home and stay safe!

Kevin Johnston
NMYFL - League Director

For local association and team information please visit our league member's association web sites  below: 

2020 season opens




The 2019 season served four great football communities with grade 2-6 tackle football. We had 44 teams with approximately 800 players, 175 coaches, and 30 game officials. We also aligned with Trusted Coaches and USA Football again this season as well as the Youth 1st Initiative at all grade levels.

For association and team information please visit our league member's association web sites  below: 




North Metro Youth Football League games may be cancelled due to severe or unplayable. Game cancellations will be posted on this site by 4:30 pm during the week and by 10:30 am on Saturdays. All other decisions will be made at game time.

Games can and will be played in rainy conditions and above freezing (32 degrees) temperatures at game time. Coaches will communicate to their teams when there is a cancellation.


How to Post Game Scores

Must be a member of NMYFL and have access from NMYFL Office. Can only post from computer or ipad to get edit mode.


Two Enhancements for 2019 Season:

1. All fans on the sidelines will see spectator lines that we would like people to stay behind that will increase fan and player safety. Look for these lines when attending games at Lexington and Aquatore for sure. Also note that when teams play at HS Stadiums all spectators must be in the stands.

2. Our last weekend of games will be October 12-13 with bowl games for all teams. No more week off for MEA and then NMYFL Playoffs the next week. Teams at grade 2-4 will play an eight game regular season and one bowl game. Teams at grade 5-6 will play a nine game regular season and one bowl game.


Kevin Johnston

League Director

Phone: 763-587-3021


The North Metro Youth Football League (“NMYFL”) enters its 5th year in 2019. The league is a collaboration of communities located in the north metro of the Twin Cities organized to provide a tackle football league for youth.  In 2017 the NMYFL had its highest number of teams serving 63 tackle teams, 200+ coaches, and 1,340+ players across grades 2-6. The league also welcomed Coon Rapids at grades 2-6 and St Francis at grade 2.  

In 2015, the first year of the league, we served community based football associations of: Blaine, Centennial, Coon Rapids, Irondale, Mounds View, and Spring Lake Park. Grade level divisions were offered for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

In 2016, the league expanded to 57 teams, including 5th & 6th grade divisions, as well as welcoming St. Anthony at the 5th & 6th grade level and Andover at the 2nd grade level. 

Philosophy and League Functions
The league is organized to coordinate the activities of the member communities participating teams. The league is an informal organization, and operates with a minimum of rules, regulations, policies and procedures. The focus of the league is on providing youth with the opportunity to play tackle football and grow participation in the sport.

The basic operating functions of the league are as follows:

  1. Provide a framework that allows teams from the various participating communities to play each other.
  2. Establish a uniform set of playing rules and provide educational training for coaches and referees to create consistency in enforcement of playing rules.
  3. Develop and maintain game schedules for each grade division among the participating communities.
  4. Provide a mechanism and authority for receiving, investigating, and resolving complaints.
  5. Create opportunities to educate all participants on the value of participation in youth sports and volunteerism in the communities we serve.