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2022 Flag K-1



1. This is a 13-team league with each team playing a 10-game schedule.  All teams will have one bye's (off day) during the season.

2. Games begin on Saturday, 9/10 and conclude on Saturday, October 9/15. Games will be played at Aquatore Park in Blaine beginning no earlier than 9:30 AM.

3. Games are also played on Monday Nights at Aquatore Park beginning at 6:00 PM & 7:00 PM. 

4. One referee is provided for each game. Their main role is to ensure the field is setup, games begin & end on time, and that everyone is playing by the rules. 

5.  Records and standings are not kept for flag football as this is a developmental activity for players, coaches, and families.


1. The posted schedule is the official league schedule for all games.  Please share with your team and families.

2. Review all rules of play for your grade level and direct your coaching staff and families to review as well. Please carry a copy of the league rules with you on game day in case there are questions on game management.

4. This is a league information site for hosting league information only. This is not a team site. See your local association for team web site information.

5. Follow us on twitter @NMYFL as there will be league updates posted there and reports on all grade levels throughout the season.