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2022 NMYFL Field Locations

All Home Games are listed on this page.

2022 TCNFL Crossover Game Fields

If your team has to travel for a 4th - 6th Grade Crossover Game against a TCNFL Opponent on 10/1 and/or 10/8 fields are listed at this link.

Games Update

9/20 Game Postponed due to Lightning rescheduled below:

Tuesday, 10/4 Centennial Knights vs Coon Rapids
Sand Creek West in Coon Rapids, 7:45 PM
(Site Change Only Due to Field Conflict)



1. This is a 10-team league that will play an eight game regular season schedule. Seven-games will be league scheduled games and one game will be non-league against a team from the TCNFL in October. 
2. This is a partial single round-robin schedule plus a bowl game the weekend of Oct 15-16.
3. Teams will play a crossover game vs a TCNFL Opponent on Saturday, October 8th either at home or away. Games will not be posted on NMYFL schedule, but communicated direct to associations and coaches.
4. Games on Thursday, October 13th will serve as a semi-final to determine the finalists for the Bowl Championship Game on Sunday, October 15th.


1. The posted schedule is the official league schedule for all games and it will post to your association team page.  Please share with your team and families.

2. Please become a member of the NMYFL web site so you can have access to league updates, special messages and access to reporting game scores.

3. Review all rules of play for your grade level and direct your coaching staff and families to review as well. We play by different rules at different grades and everyone needs to be aware of the differences. Please carry a copy of the league rules with you on game day in case there are questions on game management.

4. This is a league information site for hosting league information, posting results, tracking league standings as well as promoting youth football and youth sports. This is not a team site. See your local association for team web site information.

5. Follow us on twitter @theNMYFL as there will be league updates and game scores reported live during league play.

6. If you have anything to share about your game please file a game report with the NMYFL. Go to your grade page and there is a Game Report to file. This report is for good or bad news from a game and can be used by coaches, officials, and league representatives.