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2022 Bowl Games


Teams will be added as their place in the standings becomes final. Check back as games are completed to determine the bowl game matchups based on end of year league game standings.


Centennial HS Stadium will play host to our five bowl championship games in 2022. This will be a great game day atmosphere for the teams that advance to the Bowl Championship Games.


2nd Grade - Aquatore 3      
1:00 PM - 2nd: Centennial Panthers vs Coon Rapids 
2:30 PM - 2nd: Centennial Cougars vs Bengals Orange

4:00 PM - 2nd: Bengals Columbia vs SLP Panther - Blue
5:30 PM - 2nd: SLP Panther - Red vs Centennial Vikings (W)

3rd Grade - Aquatore 2      
1:00 PM - 3rd: SLP Panther - Red vs Coon Rapids
2:30 PM - 3rd: Centennial Bulldogs vs Blaine Beasts
4:00 PM - 3rd: Blaine Junkyard Dogs vs Centennial Wolfpack
5:30 PM - 3rd: Blaine Bengals vs Centennial Wolves
*Centennial Destroyers season is over.

4th Grade - Aquatore 1 
1:00 PM - 4th:  Coon Rapids vs Centennial Knights (W)
2:30 PM - 4th:  Blaine Buccaneers vs Centennial Dawgs
4:00 PM - 4th:  SLP Panther - Red (W) vs Centennial Goldfish
5:30 PM - 4th:  Centennial Chiefs vs Blaine Bulldogs

5th Grade - Spring Lake Park HS Practice Turf Field 
11:30 AM - 5th: SLP Panther-Blue vs Centennial Raptors (W)
1:00 PM - 5th: Blaine Broncos vs SLP Panther-Red  (W)
2:30 PM - 5th: Blaine Bruisers vs Centennial Wolverines (W)
4:00 PM - 5th: Centennial Warriors vs Centennial Sabers (W)

6th Grade - Spring Lake Park HS Stadium 
12:30 PM - 6th: Coon Rapids vs SLP Panther-Blue
2:00 PM - 6th:   SLP Panther- Red vs Blaine Wolves
3:30 PM - 6th: Centennial Bulldogs vs Centennial Shock (W)
5:00 PM - 6th: Blaine Bengals vs Centennial Raptors (W)

*Home team is higher seed listed first and provides chain gang.


Tiebreakers in Order:

1. Head to Head Results.
2. Least Points Allowed Against All Opponents.
3. If still tied in 3-Way Least Points Allowed with tied team games.
4. If still tied results against next place team across tied teams, then points allowed vs next place team.

In 3-way tie, once tie broken next teams left results to head to head.

SUN Oct 16th - Bowl Championships

Centennial HS Stadium

10:00 AM - 2nd Grade Bowl Championship
#1 Centennial Chiefs (W) vs #2 Bengals Navy

11:30 AM - 3rd Grade Bowl Championship
#1 Blaine Vikings vs #2 SLP Panther - Blue (W)

1:00 PM - 4th Grade Bowl Championship
#1 Blaine Bearcats (W) vs #3 Blaine Bengals

2:30 PM - 5th Grade Bowl Championship

#1 Blaine Bengals (W) vs #3 Blaine Bulldogs

4:00 PM - 6th Grade Championship Bowl

#1 Centennial Chiefs vs #3 Blaine Gladiators (W)

*Home team is higher seed listed first
*Home team provides chain gang and takes the press box side of field.


Home team is highest seed and at Centennial HS occupies the press box side of the field. Chain gang is also provided by the home team. Good luck to all teams!

Thank You Families, Players, Coaches and Referees for the 2022 season!